Kerouac’s On the Road

Finally I’m reading this book, I’ve owned it for years and have been told to read it repeatedly forever but you know, its just one of those things where when they tell you to read it you just can’t. Your body physically won’t allow it, because it wasn’t your idea to begin with, and then finally, now you’re chewing it all up and it feels like you’ve wasted all your years of literacy not reading it.

On writing: “And what do I really know about it, except you’ve got to stick with it with the energy of a Benny addict.”

Trying, trying, I don’t know any Benzadrine addicts but I can imagine.

I scrawled this line in white oil pastel on the map of the US I have hanging on my wall, the one Matt and I traced out January adventure on with tiny planes and a train tracks and the cabin in Glacier. Oh, brother, I hope I can learn from you.


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